About Us

The Shawano County Historical Society is a private not-for-profit organization that was founded and incorporated in 1941. It is dedicated to the preservation of Shawano County history, and to providing education about Shawano County’s history.

The Shawano County Historical Society is operated by volunteers and funded by membership dues, donations, bequests, and grants. It operates in partnership with Shawano County; most of the Society’s museums and displays are situated in Shawano County’s Heritage Park, on the South side of the Shawano Lake-Wolf River channel at the North end of Franklin Street in the City of Shawano. A museum is also located in Gresham. The Society continually benefits from synergistic relationships with the Wolf River Builder’s Association, the Shawano Women’s Club, the Master Gardeners, the Shawano County Chamber of Commerce, and other civic-minded organizations and persons.

The Society owns and operates the Sikora Archive and Reception Center, where archiving and administrative work is performed, conveniently located just across the Street from the Heritage Park grounds. The Society also manages a variety of museums and attractions at Heritage Park.

Officers, Directors, and appointed personnel for 2018-2019:

President: Mike Eidahl
Vice-President: Tom Aumann,
Secretary: Aaron Damrau
Treasurer: Lana Buelow


  • Sally Schreiber Baumann
  • Jesse Borlen, Curator
  • Lorna Dumke
  • Jan Ebert
  • Mart Grams
  • Priscilla King
  • Joel Kroenke
  • Marcalene Rosenow
  • Ron Schumacher
  • Joan Wohler, Archive Co-Director


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