Celebrate Shawano County’s rich and wonderful heritage.

Incorporated in 1941, our mission is to “preserve the culture and history of Shawano County by creating a vibrant learning experience and serving as a repository for current and future generation.”
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We have a treasure trove of history awaiting you. Curated from our archives, we have digitized and published stories, photos and interesting facts for you to enjoy.

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Headstone Walk

Celebrating the veterans of Shawano County

Historic Properties - "Shawano has History"

Listing of historically significant sites in the City of Shawano

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Heritage Park

Heritage Park

Shawano County’s first European settlement, located in the City of Shawano.

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Gresham Depot Museum

A historic depot located on Main Street in Gresham, WI

Sikora Reception Center

Library services for researchers

Zachow Depot Museum

A historic depot located within the Shawano County Historical Society’s Heritage Park

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