1871 vs 2023 – SW Corner of Main & Green Bay Streets in Shawano

Published June 1, 2023

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Southwest corner of Main & Green Bay Streets
Shawano, WI

Compare these photos from 1871 and 2023.  Taken 152 years ago on Main Street in Shawano is the Wescott House.   Today, the Woolworth building, on the very same corner, is the home of the Stock Market business.  The Woolworth building was constructed after the April 18, 1848 fire destroyed the Murdock House Hotel.   Just to the south of the Woolworth building is the K&P building, constructed in 1890.    This building is the home of R. Franklin’s.

The Wescott House, built by Hiram Wescott in 1855 was located on this downtown corner of Main and Green Bay Streets.   Directly in back of the hotel were the horse barns.  Hiram operated this hotel until 1868 when it was purchased by D. H. Pulcifer. The buildings were later moved off the site by H. Murdock as two separate buildings and by 1886, Murdock began construction of a new hotel on the same site calling it the Murdock Hotel.