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Mehlberg`s Bakery


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A Brief History

 Mehlberg’s Bakery
128 S. Main St.
Shawano, Wisconsin

Bakeries have been a “main stay” on Shawano’s Main Street since very early times.  Albert Gustman operated a bakery at 124 S. Main Street which made donuts in the back of the building in a brick oven.  Later the bakery was operated by Oscar Ramlo as the Rohloff bakery until Mehlbergs bakery opened a few doors down, at 128 S. Main Stret.

The Mehlberg family bakery, which was in business by 1914, accounced plans to build an addition to his earlier commercial building in order to expand his wholesale baking business.  The Mehlbergs rebuilt their streetfront building at 128 S. Main St. in 1917.  The bakery operated under the family’s name for decades through the early 1970s.  From 1975 to 1989, Mehlberg’s was owned and operated by Don Vende Walle.  Ron and Ellyn Bult purchased the business in 1989. As a result of the specialized physical plant required, this building still functions as a bakery.

Today, the building is the home of Fannita’s Bakery, carrying on the tradition of a bakery business at 128 S. Main Street in Shawano.