Panoramic Views of Main and Green Bay Streets in Shawano – 100 years Apart

Published May 18, 2023

Photo Gallery


We have a rich history in downtown Shawano and these photographs prove it!

The photographs, taken on the SE corner of Main and Green Bay Streets, are 200 degree panoramic views in downtown Shawano.  The first photos are from 100 years ago and although we don’t have an exact date for the earlier photo, with the horses and very early automobiles in the photo, it’s likely from the early 1920’s.

The first photo is from a 27 inch x 4 inch post card published by Gallagher’s Pharmacy in Shawano. The cost to mail this photographic post card was 1 cent without writing, 2 cents with writing. It also describes the population of Shawano as 3,200 and Shawano as the “best location in Wisconsin for factories using timber of any kind.”

In the color photos taken in May 2023, you see the owners and staff of R. Franklin’s Clothing and the Stock Market.  Left to right: Riley Courchaine of R. Franklin’s Clothing and Chelsae Stock Gilling and Abigael Stock Wallrich and employees of the Stock Market.

Looking at both photos, South Main St. is to the left and North Main St. to the right. Far to the right is East Green Bay St.

Comparing the photos:

You’ll see the Murdock Hotel on the SW corner of Main and Green Bay St. where The Stock Market is today.

The K&P Building, Kuckuk and Pulcifier built in 1890, is located directly next to the Murdock Hotel. Today the K&P building is the home of R. Franklin’s Clothing. The Woolworth Building, current home of the Stock Market, was built after the 1949 Murdock House Hotel fire.

Further on South Main Street you’ll the Gallagher Drug Store where Dreier Pharmacy is located today. This building was owned by F. D. Naber, namesake of the Naberhood Plaza in Shawano.

In the first photo, the National Bank is on the NW corner of Main and Green Bay Streets. Today BMO is located on the site.

Looking to the right, you can see all the way to 5th St. and Main where the A.J. Lieg Building is located (Muehl’s furniture). Across 5th St. is Simson Clothing and Dry Goods. Today, First Class Travel occupies the same building.