Rhubarb Fest 2021

Published July 19, 2021

After the COVID-19 pandemic halted many social gatherings during the summer of 2020, the Shawano County Historical Society was excited to host its 13th annual Rhubarb Fest on Saturday, June 19, 2021! We are extremely grateful that the people of Shawano County came out in droves on that beautiful, sunny day to support, learn, and share our collective history.

The morning began with volunteers working diligently to set up the event. Many people came together to set up and work the gift shop, the dessert line, the brat stand, and the sitting area.

Vendors setting up shop at Rhubarb Fest

Gift Shop

Our assortment of jams and canned goods for sale at the gift shop

Desserts at Rhubarb Fest

Volunteers worked hard to prepackage our donated rhubarb desserts

Volunteers making brats

Volunteers helping us cook brats for hungry supporters

Seating Area

Supporters listening to music in the sitting area

Volunteers helping out at the gift shop

At 10:00 in the morning, people began moseying over to Heritage Park to join in the festivities. No matter your interest, from food….

Supporters eating, drinking, and socializing at Rhubarb Fest

Volunteers taking the order of one of our thirsty supporters

Supporters trying to make a decision on which rhubarb desserts look good enough to eat

Supporters waiting in a (not so long) line to get some brats and hamburgers

to shopping…

Two vendors smiling and having a good time at Rhubarb Fest

Supporters of history supporting one of the local vendors at Rhubarb Fest

Volunteers assisting supporters with gift shop and membership purchases

A local vendor selling her artwork

to history….

Dining room in the newly restored Kast House

A demonstrator setting up camp and living like a fur trader

Curator Jesse Borlen introducing the public to the newly restored Kast House

Board Member and volunteer giving a tour of the newly renovated stone building

There was something at Rhubarb Fest for everyone! We are grateful for the support Shawano County residents showed us. Because of all of you, we can continue to enrich people’s lives through history!

Please join us next year and help us preserve the culture and history of Shawano County!