Simson Clothing and Dry Goods in Shawano

Published February 21, 2023

Photo Gallery


Around the year 1900, 139 N. Main Street in Shawano, the SW corner of the intersection of Main Street and 5th Street was the home of Simson Clothing and Dry Goods.  Since then, the following businesses have occupied this address.

  • The Northside Grocery
  • The Raddant Restaurant and rooming house
  • John Black attorney
  • J. R. Habeck attorney
  • First Class Travel

Photos taken in the same location in Shawano in 2023 and before 1900 are shown in the photo gallery.

In the Simson photo, notice the woman in the carriage, how the building has been modified since 1900, and the H. Miller tavern next door.