The Frank Pleshek Tavern

Published September 5, 2023

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Frank Pleshek’s Tavern
218 N. Main Street
Shawano, WI

Frank Pleshek came to Shawano in the late 1870’s and lived here for over 20 years.  During that time, he operated a saloon at 218 North Main Street.  Like many of the buildings on Main Street in Shawano, the building was renovated from a wooden structure to include brick façade during his ownership.  You can see the transformation in the photos.  While operating the saloon, two of his brothers also had taverns/saloons; one in the Northwestern Hotel on South Main Street in Shawano and a precursor to Pleshek’s pavilion in the Town of Waukechon.

Frank Pleshek was born in Bohemia on November 25, 1858.  He came to America with his parents when he was eight years old.  They lived in Manitowoc for eight years and then moved to Shawano County.  From there, Frank lived in St. Paul for a short time and in 1878 until coming to Shawano in 1879.  While in St. Paul he married Elizabeth Hammer.  After operating the saloon, he moved to a farm in Waukechon Township.  The couple had seven children.   Frank Pleshek died on November 4, 1924.


Published in the Oshkosh Time May 18, 1902

Mr. Pleshek has been in business for sixteen years. He has a very swell saloon, and carries a fine line of wines, liquors and cigars.  Mr. Pleshek has a good business and is making money. He is very popular in Shawano and invariably liked by everybody. He was constable one year and has lived in the county about twenty-six years. He owns the building in which he is located and about six months ago had it thoroughly remodeled and decorated. It is now one of the nicest places in the town.  Mr. Pleshek’s popularity and acquaintance extends over the entire county and surrounding country, where he has many friends and those friends invariably like to see him, consequently his business is large.  Like many others in Shawano, Mr. Pleshek does all he can for the advancement of the town and never loses an opportunity to push Shawano forward when such opportunity is presented.  In another part of this paper will be seen a picture of Mr.Pleshek’s saloon, and it will at once be noticed that it is a model place.  Although Mr. Pleshek is not holding public office the fault is his own, as he could have had offices of different kinds, but he has always refused them, desiring rather to assist his friends to obtain office and in this respect, he has been very successful, as through his efforts many a friend has been helped to a very desirable office.  Mr. Pleshek is one of the oldest business men in the county, and is a man in whom people place their confidence.