The Hartman House and King`s Hotel

Published January 8, 2024

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  Hartman House
229 E. Green Bay Street
Shawano, WI

The history of 229 E. Green Bay Street – the northwest corner of the intersection of Green Bay and Andrews Streets in Shawano, Wisconsin.

Almost 130 years ago the Hartman House and its Summer Garden occupied this address. The property had many owners, with many names; The Hartman House, Green Bay House, Hotel Arno, and Kings Hotel. The last building, the King’s Hotel was demolished in 1989. Today, Tower Clock Eye Center is located at 229 E. Green Bay Street.

From approximately 1895 to 1903, Mrs. Adolph Hartman built and operated a boarding house on the northwest corner of Green Bay and Andrews Streets. The Hartman establishment boarded patrons on the second floor and served food on the first floor.  A summer garden and its dance platform were used for socializing in the summer.

From an article published in the Oshkosh Times, May 18, 1902

This is a boarding house and sample room has been established in Shawano for six years. Mr. Hartmann has lived in the city twenty years. Prior to going into this business, he clerked in the Upham & Russell store for nine years and conducted a restaurant for three years.

He was born in Berlin, Germany, in 1845, and came to Ohio and lived there one year before coming to Shawano. Mr. Hartmann owns twenty-two lots in Shawano.

He is enjoying a good business and carries a very fine line of wines, liquors and cigars. His boarding house is well patronized, as all accommodations are the best and the eatables are all that can be obtained in the market. The Hartmann’s house is one of Shawano’s popular places and is well patronized.

The property was sold to F. W. Boettcher in 1908 and called Green Bay House. William Gottschalk and his father-in-law rented it from the Raddant Brewery who owned it in 1912. The Albert Hoppe family owned and managed it from 1920 to 1927. It was owned by Michael Arno from 1927 to 1946 and called Hotel Arno. It was purchased by Bessie King Reible on May 16, 1946.

It served as a home for retired loggers and other men who had outlived their families during this time. Pauline Skaleski was the piano player in the bar for many years during Mrs. King’s tenure. The King’s Hotel was razed in 1989.

F. W. Boettcher 1908 to 1912 (Green Bay House)
Raddant Brewery 1912
Albert Hoppe 1920 – 1927
Michael Arno 1927 – 1946 (Arno Hotel)
Bessie King Reible 1946 – 1989 (King’s Hotel)