The Hub In Shawano

Published January 25, 2024

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The Hub
Men’s Clothing & Accessories
Shawano, WI

The Hub, one of the first men’s clothing stores in Shawano, was originally a department in the Upham & Russell general store but it grew so rapidly, a new home needed to be found.

In 1889, a separate store, managed by August Cattau, was established in Shawano’s Murdock House Hotel as a branch of the Upham & Russell. In 1904 the store was incorporated with a capital stock of $10,000 and moved to the Masonic building.

The store was one of the leading retail outlets for Men’s clothing. As an indication of the Hub’s progressiveness, they exclusively handed such well known lies as; Sincerity Clothes, Hart, Schaffner & Marx Men’s Clothing, Kuhn & Sons Boys’ and Youths’ Clothing, W. L. Douglas Shoes, Sweet Orr Trousers, and Belmont Hats. It was unquestionably the largest and best equipped clothing store in the county.

Over the next 60 years the store change location several times. They moved to the Mahl/Shawano Hotel near the C&NW railroad depot on south Main Street, then to the Kuckuk & Pulcifer Building where it was bought out in 1971 by K&L Clothiers.