The Red Lion Inn – Shawano Lake

Published March 11, 2024

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The Red Lion Inn
Shawano Lake

Decades ago, supper clubs dotted the perimeter of Shawano Lake. One of those was the Red Lion Inn.

On January 12, 1884, R. W. Jackson filed an application for a land patent on government lot #3 of section 10-17-16 in the plat of Oak Park, on North Beach Shawano Lake, the property on which the Red Lion Inn would be built. Over the next six years, Mr. Jackson fulfilled the requirements of the land patent program and the land was deeded to him on March 19, 1890, for a sum of $53.40.

Over the next thirty-five years, the land was bought and sold by nearly a dozen persons or organizations, one being the Milwaukee and Shawano Hunting and Fishing Club (1891-1904 August W. Meyer, Henry Sherber, John Thomann, William Swain, Wm A. Walker) until it was purchased by Mike and Elizabeth Marnocha of Pulaski on May 20, 1935. So began the rein of the Red Lion Inn.

The Red Lion Inn operated as a supper club from 1935 through the late 1980’s. The heyday of the Red Lion Inn Supper Club came during the Paul and Eloise Spees, who were well known in Shawano. In 24 years of ownership, Paul Spiees only missed one night of tendering bar on the nights they were open.

Today, the Red Lion Inn still stands on the original property as a personal residence.

Business Names and Dates:
Red Lion Inn – Mike & Elizabeth Marnocha – May 1935 – September 1945
Red Lion Inn – Paul & Eloise Spees – September 1945 – July 1969
Red Lion Inn – Earl & Bonnie Kluever – July 1969 – June 1973
Red Lion Inn – John & Ilene Lambert – June 1973 – June 1976
Bert’s Supper Club – Bert Anderson – June 1976 – May 1978
Schuler’s Rustic Inn – Mike & Cheryl Schuler – May 1978 – May 1982
Bert Anderson – May 1982 – June 1982
The Rustic Inn – James & Carol Szutkowski – June 1982 – October 1985
The Timbers – Jackie Bohm – October 1985