The Rural Schools

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The Rural Schools

by Jane Glenz

As the city of Shawano was developing its school system those children in the rural areas were attending the well-known “one room schoolhouse.” Because of transportation problems these children did not start attending the schools until the late 1940’s. That doesn’t mean, though, that went without an education. Quite the contrary. Each county was responsible for establishing a rural school system for grades I – 8. If a student wished to go to high school, they would have to go to Shawano and find room and board. They would remain there during the week and return to the farm only on the weekends and holidays.

These schools were under the jurisdiction of the County Superintendent. He was responsible for hiring the teachers, providing supervision, paying the teachers and constructing and maintaining the schools.

Shawano’s first superintendent was L. D. Roberts who was also in charge of the City of Shawano schools, until Shawano formed its own district in 1920.

Many schools were established in Shawano County but this chapter will deal with those that later became a part of the Shawano-Gresham school system. Some of these schools were closed before consolidation but are included because the area they covered is now a part of the district.

Maps showing the location of rural schools in the county townships is shown in the photo section above.

(NOTE: Much of the information in this section was taken from a series of articles printed in the Shawano Evening Leader in 1968.)